Point Blank X Arcade Machine

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Point Blank X Arcade Machine is a video redemption shooting game which is designed for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy!

This two player arcade machine is ticket redemption compatible, and can be played in either Classic mode or the new Normal Mode, also known as a Kid mode, which is changeable via test mode. In Kid Mode there will be less targets, there will be a bigger gun sight, a Rapid Fire feature, no life system, and new visual design to make it much easier for kids to sucessfully shoot the targets.

The game also features a 1 player mode and a 2 player mode: in 1 player mode the aim of the game is clear all the stages; in 2 player mode players can verse each other to see who is the best shooter.

There are a total of 40 stages and each stage takes about 20-30 seconds to complete the mission, with average playtime at 3 minutes. Each stage has a clear defined mission, such as 'Shoot more than 48 targets', etc. Depending on the difficulty setting selected (there are 3 difficulty settings: Practice, Beginner and Expert). The number of stages can range from 3-16.

To help players clear as many stages possible, they start the game with 5 hearts, which you can see in the bottom left hand corner. These hearts represent lives and players lose one of these live every time they fail a mission or shoot the wrong thing. If you lose all the hearts, it's Game Over.

The cabinet features a 42" High Definition LCD screen, LED lighting around the control panel and cabinet sides, gun controllers which will be compatible with Time Crisis 5, and will support 1 ticket dispenser per player.

This fun and exciting mulitplayer game has not been released yet, and the cabinet so far is only a prototype. The cabinet and game play could be subject to changes. More updates coming as the machine is released.

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