Pop It & Win Arcade Machine

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Pop It & Win Arcade Machine is a balloon popping ticket redemption game by Benchmark Games which is a very fun and modern take on the popular midway balloon pop arcade game.

Players try to pop a huge actual inflated balloon to win big! Players must use their timing and hand-eye-coordination skills to try and pop the enormous 42" wide balloon and win tickets!

The cabinet is a huge, eye-popping 8.5 foot tall game cabinet, which features bright LED lighting and an attractive spinning wheel! Players use the "Stop Button" on the control panel to hit Pop Balloon positions on the Spinner below.

Win Zones award tickets, but "Add Air" zones also inflate the Balloon to increase chances of making the balloon pop. Ticket values accumulate until a player pops the balloon and players will also get the chance to hit the jackpot!

Instant Pop Feature: Hit the Target for Instant Jackpot - Exciting sound/light display.

This game works well in a range of locations, such as Family Entertainment Centers, and is fun for players of all ages!


▪ Holds 36 Balloons When Game Is Fully Loaded
▪ Earns Over $1000 In Sales Before Quick Re-Stock
▪ Giant Balloon Draws Attention When It EXPLODES
▪ Rewarding Sound System For Crowd Pleasing Play
▪ Standard Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser
▪ 36,000 Capacity Standard Ticket Drawer
▪ Operator Adjustable Game Parameters
▪ Shipped Unassembled To Save On Freight Costs
▪ Long-Life LED Lighting Means No Bulb Changes

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