Pop Moto Twin Player Motocycle Arcade Machine

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Pop Moto Twin Player Motorcycle Arcade Machine is a unique racing game, which sees two players go into head-to-head battle. The game uses simulation riding style to control to add realism to the game play and immerse players in the heated race.

The proportion of the real car body made of light material and the
vibration motor effect of the fuselage, while using the NVIDIA (NVIDIA)GeForce (fine view) high-definition graphics (16:9 HD picture quality) also adds sense of realism.

The 32" display screen is very delicate, with speakers and with super shock LED lights, for an attractive cabinet and fun to play machine that will draw players in from all over the floor. Pop Moto also allows players to select different music and levels for more choice and player customization.

Players can play either on their own or with another player, battling it out with the use of items that can be obtained during the course of the race. Also, the multitude of tracks available to ride on, made using 3D graphics, and the item system means players get a new experience every play.

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