Power Drift

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Power Drift is a racing game from Sega. The game uses sprite based scaling to create a 3D effect, similar to other Sega titles Out Run and Hang-on. The DX version features a seat which banks up to 20 degrees during play.

Players choose between 12 drivers and 5 different race courses. Each race course has 5 tracks to race on, for a total of 25 tracks in the game. Courses are labeled from 'A' to 'E', and each course has its own distinct theme. Courses include a lot of steep hills and quick descents, with the seat banking and jolting about. To proceed to the next stage it is necessary to be ranked at third place or better. By finishing all five stages in first place (with one credit), the player is rewarded with a bonus level in which he can fly the F-14 from After Burner (locations A, C and E), or can even drive the motorcycle from Super Hang-On (locations B and D), around one of the tracks.

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