Psychic Force 2012

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In Psychic Force 2012 you and the Psychic Warriors are battling a ruthless renegade army. Use brutal psychic attacks as well as hand-to-hand strikes against these impossible rebels.

The spectacular 360-degree, 3D anime combat takes place high above the city skyline. Your powers are limitless with all the elements of Earth at your fingertips, as well as magic and lightning. You can also erect a force field to block your opponents. There are 13 psychic fighters, each with unique, daring moves that you must master if you want to truly blow the minds of your opponents.

  • One and two player modes
  • Dual fighting strategies: short-range hand-to-hand and long-range psychic attacks
  • Psychic attacks include Lightning Hound, Holy Whisper, Atomic Burner, Bubble Mines, and more

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