Psychic Sarah

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Psychic Sarah is a fortune teller machine that uses an aura sensor, the player is asked to place their hands on the metal hands on the control panel. The heat of the players hands is analysed on the aura sensor and the player receives a printout with:

• Their picture.
• Their "aura" – one of nine different colours.
• Their fortune and characteristics and and lucky numbers.

As well as the aura sensor that analyses the heat of the players hands, Psychic Sarah also is designed with an inbuilt camera on her forehead which takes the players photograph to provide a colour printout featuring an aura photo of their face with the information the player is matched with, as well as six lucky numbers.

A plasma ball and fortune teller dressed in gypsy clothes are used to create the essence of a mysticism, a machine that reads your future, fortune and lucky numbers.

•Available with optional bill acceptor
•Power Input : AC 110V / 230V, 50~60Hz
•Aura Sensor and plasma ball

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