Pump It Up: NX 2

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Pump It Up NX 2 (Next Genesis) is a dance game from Andamiro. The NX2 model includes 30 new songs and a total of 131 songs. The Korean version includes one extra track, which was licensed only in Korea.

There are 4 styles of game modes available - Training, Arcade, Special Zone and World Max. The different game modes cater to all difficulty levels from beginners to advanced. Up to 6 difficulty levels are available for each song. The game can also be connected to the internet for access to worldwide player rankings which are updated in real-time.

NX2 also has USB Ports where you can connect a USB thumb drive. The ports allow players to save high scores, screenshots and previous songs by using a proprietary USB thumb drive. Players can also accumulate mileage to unlock higher stages by using the thumb drives. Two of the songs are also only available for play whilst using the USB thumb drive.

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