Pump It up! Infinity 43" CX Model

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Pump It Up Infinity 2013 CX Dance Arcade Machine is the 25th version in the Pump It Up series, and is the first Pump It Up game to offer two different timing windows. "Classic Mode" keeps traditional timing windows, while "PRO Mode" tightens the window.

Pump It Up Infinity 2013 offers 4 game play modes. In "Easy Mode" (the default mode), players are shown a simplified user interface with a minimal amount of game options, to eliminate confusion for casual players. In "Arcade Mode", players can access 100's of songs not available in Easy Mode, from all past PIU models."Music Train Mode" have pre-selected courses and feature a unique theme or gimmick to them, for advanced players. "Mission Mode", unlocked by players inserting a USB drive into the game, present new goals for advanced players to meet.

Missions can be as simple as a different step pattern to a familiar song, or can be as complex as modifications to the game's interface. When a player attempts or clears a mission, they are granted EXP (experience points) to advance further in this mode.

  • Standard 43" Color Display Monitor & Marquee Light Bar
  • Four Modes of Play + ▪ Easy Mode for Beginners
  • Hip Hop, Dubstep, Techno Drum ‘n' Bass, Pop & More
  • 30 + New Dance Songs - Over 400 Songs In Total

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