Pump It Up Pro

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Pump It Up Pro is a rhythm video game where players use their feet to step on arrows according to the music. Pump It Up Pro covers a variety of different song genres, and features over 870 dance routines, including 200 brand new dances and 670 Pump It Up classics. This edition of the popular series also features new button design and a 42" plasma screen.


  • Dedicated cabinet with 42" plasma screen
  • LED equalizer display
  • Features 10 square pressure sensitive panels


  • Main Body: 56.5"W x 27.4"D x 84.4"H, Weight: 386 lbs
  • Handles (L,R): 41.3"W x 22.6"D x 4.7"H, Weight: 31 lbs
  • Step (L,R): 44"W x 35.8"D x 6.7"H, Weight: 185 lbs
  • Total Weight: 787 lbs

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