Pump it Up: The Ultimate Remix

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Pump It Up: The Ultimate Remix is the first installment of Andamiro's popular dance machine series, Pump It Up. It was released in Korea only in August 1999.

The Ultimate Remix features a dance platform with 5 step panels (four corner panels and 1 centre panel). Players must press the panels with their feet to a certain pattern in time with the general rhythm or beat of a song. Players are guided by onscreen arrows that are synchronized to the player's chosen song.

Successfully hitting the correct arrows on the dance platform fills the player's 'Dance Gauge', while failing to do so will deplete it. It the Dance Gauge reaches empty the player will fail the song.

Completing the song takes the player to the Results Screen which gives them a graded summary of their performance.

The Ultimate Remix mix features Easy, Hard, Double, Nonstop Remix and Battle game boards. There are 15 normal songs and 4 nonstop remixes to choose from.

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