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R 360

R 360
Product Details
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Released :1991
Category :Simulators

About R 360

The R-360 is an arcade cabinet produced by Sega. The arcade cabinet has two axes of movement, allowing the player to rotate freely as the cabinet mimics the ingame action, including turning the cabinet completely upside down. Sega used the acronym SDME (Servo Drive Movement System) for the cabinet's system.

The cabinet has specially designed security features to assure rider and viewer safety. Included are an attendant station, a seat belt, shoulder restraints, a player-actuated emergency stop button, safety sensors, and a plexiglass security fence.

Games designed for the system include Wing War and G-LOC, both of which were air combat simulators.

Product Database
Product Name :R 360
Category Type :Simulators
Manufacturer :Sega Corporation
Year Of Release :1991
Gameplay :Single Play
No. Of Players :1

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