Red Elephant Arcade Machine

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The Red Elephant Arcade Machine is a ticket redemption ball drop game which focuses entirely on the players timing skills!

Red Elephant Arcade is a large "timing" redemption game, decorated in a beautiful circus themed cabinet with a moving LCD-Colored Elephant Head!

The object of the game is for players to carefully select their timeing, then hit the button to roll a ball down the Elephant’s big "trunk" onto the slotted ticket playfield to win tickets!

Red Elephant ticket redemption cabinet features a large moving Elephant head, LED-lighting, jungle sounds omitted from the surround sound, and the game play also feature multiple ticket bonus features for players to enjoy!

This exciting ball drop game is simple and easy to understand for players of all ages, and will help kids hone their timing skills! The brightly lit cabinet will stand out in any location drawing in players from all across the floor and will earn well in medium to large establishments, such as Family Entertainment Centers.


  • Large, Highly Attractive "Circus-Themed" Cabinet
  • Realistic "Jungle Sounds" For Exciting Gameplay
  • Very Cute, LED-Lit Elephant Head Moves Up and Down
  • Brilliant, Shinning LED Cabinet Light Effects
  • Players Time The Ball Release Onto Playfield
  • Multiple Ticket Bonus Features
  • Simple, One Button Gameplay

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