Revolution X 2 Player

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In Revolution X, the player explores a maze of locations shooting the bad guys and freeing members of the band Aerosmith, who have been kidnapped by the New Order Nation (NON), an organization whose goal is to enslave all of the world's youth population by suppressing all forms of entertainment.

As one of few remaining free youth, you are equipped with a machine gun to free all of the youth and the band, and to put an end to the NON menace.

The game is a standard side-scrolling rail shooter in which the player has to shoot everything on screen to rescue the kidnapped members of the band. The five members of Aerosmith are hidden in the game, and all must be found in order to see the real ending.

All speech and digitized video of Aerosmith is original, and the game also features four Aerosmith songs - Eat the Rich, Walk This Way, Toys in the Attic and Sweet Emotion.

  • Gun: positional with recoil, trigger and one button
  • Available in two versions: the dedicated three-player model, and the two-player conversion kit for Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

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