Rhythmvaders EX Arcade Machine

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Rhythmvaders EX Arcade Machine is a video music game and attraction in which players use controls that perform both button and slide functions, and allows anyone to easily get into the groove and perform songs!

This Groove Coaster follow up takes players on a fantastical sci-fi journey through music, and includes more new tracks from various genres, including Vocaloid, Anime, and J-Pop.

Everyone can ride the rhythm with these simple to use controls which have multiple functions, plus players can go head to head by linking up to 4 cabinets together and competing for the highest score!

The aim of the game is to tap, hold and slide the controls in time with the music to score points, which fill up the Groove Gauge. Players must fill the gauge 70% to pass a song.

There are many different ways to use the controllers, as listed below. It is also handy to note that when using just one of the controls, players may use either the left or right controller.

  • Hit - tap one button
  • Critical - tap both buttons at the same time
  • Hold - Press and hold the button until the target line ends
  • Slide - slide the controller in the same direction as the arrows on screen
  • Beat - tap the button rapidly until the target line ends
  • Scratch - move the controller left and right continuously until the target line ends
  • Dual Hold - Press and Hold both buttons at the same time
  • Slide Hold - slide and hold the controller in the direction of the arrows on screen

The game also includes a hidden bonus note called AD-LIBS, which is an invisible note that, when hit at the right time, will appear and award players bonus points.

This fun and exciting game is thrilling for players of all ages and earns well in a wide variety of locations, due to it's smaller footprint.

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