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Rock 'n' Roll 2

Rock 'n' Roll 2
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Category :Video Games

About Rock 'n' Roll 2

Rock 'n' Roll II is the hexagonal pusher based on the same award winning cabinet design of Disco Fever. It is the follow up to the original Rock 'n' Roll with ingenious new additions, such as a unique dispensing hopper that pays out bonus coins or tokens onto the playfields after an operator adjustable number of coins in. Rock 'n' Roll gives the choice of having the successful 50 coin splash feature with random jackpot payouts.


Players insert their money for a normal push of coins and also to push foward the coins of a higher value, or the prize tokens which are dispensed from a hopper, onto the playfield, after an operator adjustable number of coins in, adding play appeal. They may also play for the added incentive of a random jackpot payout and coin-splash feature which is an optional extra. Each time the random jackpot is initiated, the coin is diverted into a transparent container which is in full view of the player. A series of red L.E.D lights show how near to a coin-splash the feature is. When 50 coins have accumulated, the contents of the box are 'splashed' onto the playfield.

Product Details for Rock 'n' Roll 2

  • ROCK N' ROLL II is sold as a ticket redemption game but upon special request can be purchased as a regular coin or token payout machine.
  • Shipping Size H91 X W69 X D78 inches
  • Power 110V @ 8 amps
  • Cord Sizes 20/40

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Product Name :Rock 'n' Roll 2
Category Type :Video Games

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