VR 2002 Roller Coaster Simulator

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A ride where the passengers are thrown into a futuristic 3D landscape. The passengers are strapped into a big red coaster cab, which is capable of 360 degree "forward of axis" action allowing for soaring, spiraling, plunging and more.

The passenger before embarking on their journey can program their own track, there are over 38 billion possible track combinations, ranging from mild to wild. The action is all around the passengers with a 58" screen, surround sound and the feel of real wind making the journey as realistic as possible.

Model VR2002 Roller Coaster Simulator
  • Full 2-axis 360-degree motion base simulator
  • Number of Adventures 38 Billion
  • Customer creatable Roller Coaster system
  • Cycle Time Per Play Variable
  • Two passengers Per Machine
  • Proprietary Hardware
  • Intel compatible PC, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
  • Proprietary Software
  • LCD Projector
  • Operator Required
  • On-Site Technician Required (free factory training available)
  • Remote Diagnostic/Support Via modem / internet or phone

Physical/Electrical Specifications
  • Floor Area 190 square feet (17.65 square meters)
  • Contact Feet (4) 8 inches x 16 inches (20.32 cm x 40.64 cm)
(2) 4 inches x 14 inches (10.16 cm x 35.56 cm)
  • Static Floor Loading 25.26 pounds/square foot (123.52 kg/square meter)
  • Shipping weight 4300(lbs) 1950(kgs)
  • Electrical Requirements (North America) (1) 208-volt 3-phase 60 Hz, 20 Amps (dedicated, single outlet)
(2) 110-volt 1-phase 60 Hz, 20 Amps (dedicated, dual outlet)
  • Electrical Requirements (International) Available upon request (specify country)

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