Rowe Laserstar CD100-D (100CD)

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With its eye-catching design and attractive, no-hassle LED lighting this Rowe Laserstar CD100-D is perfect for the home, at parties or around the bar. The CD100-D is packed with all the popular features, user-friendly controls and low maintenance components that make this CD jukebox a welcome addition to any location.

Features :
  • Holds 100cds and displays 12 cds covers/booklets at once (2 stacks of 6).
  • High-quality 3-way speaker system (rich, full sound).
  • 250 Watts per channel amplifier
  • High quality commercial-grade CD mechanism (Phillips).
  • Solid cabinet design for durability in high-use commercial applications.
  • Easy to clean, durable exterior surfaces.
  • In-built statistical record keeping, diagnostics and programming.
  • Attention-grabbing lighting, displays and signage.
  • Castors for easy moving too and from venues.
  • Easy to use.

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