School of Ragnarok Arcade Machine

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School of Ragnarok is an online, 1 vs 1 tactical 5D fighting game from Square Enix in which players must battle each and School Guardians to come out on top!

The cabinet can link up to a second cabinet for on location battles, however, it is an online compatible machine and many matches can be played online.

Players enter the game as a student at one of the game's schools, and battle other custom characters. Players can level up their characters, get loot and item drops, and use them to keep customising their characters.

Depending on the school, the player's weapons and “school guardian” will change. Other playable school guardians include Valhallades (Fumihiko Tachiki), Lucy (Chiaki Takahashi), Urushihara Ukiyo (Yūma Uchida), and Star Cook (Tomoko Kaneda).

Mistwalker’s Kimihiko Fujisaka has designed the characters, and Monaca’s Keiichi Okabe composed the music. Square Enix game producer Takamasa Shiba and Spike Chunsoft game scenario-writer Kazutaka Kodaka are also involved in the project.

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