Sea Wolf: The Next Mission - Upright Arcade Model

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This new Sea Wolf version requires more strategy from players, and has more depth to hold the players' interest

Sea Wolf "The Next Mission" is a multi-level video arcade redemption and amusement game with 6 "missions" plus a "bonus" mission, for 7 missions in all. As the players advance, each mission becomes increasing more difficult to complete. while enemy ships lay mines and return fire, and enemy planes drop torpedoes into the waters in an attempt to sink your sub which is named the "Sea Wolf".

The Sea Wolf concept is very simple and very addicting. Players launch torpedoes from their video command center and have 5 different spots on the screen to launch them from. Players then try to hit the ships that pass by on the screen and sink them - its that simple

Sea Wolf Upright uses 3D modeling to produce realistic looking ships with full animation. The fire, explosions, and torpedo action are all enhanced with awesome digital stereo sound and a sub-woofer located in seat.

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