Pushing Points Prize Redemption Machine

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Pushing Points is a brand-new skill-based prize redemption game machine. The fun and intuitive game sees players move the rod to pop upwards and move prizes into the win area using the simple joystick and button controls.

Pushing Points is also incredibly versatile, allowing operators to place all types of prizes on the adjustable playfield shelf. Operators can then select the shelf angle and rod top size to suit their chosen prize.

The contemporary cabinet features colour changing lighting which surrounds the prize window, prize outdoor and control panel, which really draws the players attention to the game. The bright interior lighting and adjustable prize display shelves also create a great presentation for any type of prizes.

The front entry makes re-filling stock easy, and the tilt sensors and secure build ensures Pushing Points is suitable for any type of location, whether it be an FEC, Service Station, Cinema or Bowling Centre!

Skill based prize merchandiser
Fun and intuitive game play
Colour changing lighting draws player attention
Suitable for many prize types
Quick and easy stock re-filling
Bright interior lighting with adjustable display shelves
Durable, secure cabinet with tilt cheat sensor

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