Sega Snakes & Ladders Arcade Machine

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The Sega Snakes & Ladders Arcade Machine put a new twist on this classic game! Pull back the snakes tail to send the ladder of ticket values spinning.

Judge just the right strength to win big and take home the tickets. Each ticket win also comes with a chance at the bonus game: A ladder symbol takes you one rung closer to the Super Bonus whilst a snake sends you back down!

This super fun and easy to understand game will attract players from all across the floor, while the quick and easy flow of game encourages repeat play!


  • Great sound effects and attractive lighting!
  • Huge lit snakes and ladders style cabinet!
  • Fun moulded snakes tail controller!
  • Simple, fun gameplay for all ages!
  • Giant LED super bonus display!
  • Unique belt playfield!
  • Twin ticket vendors for quicker payout!

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