Sega Touring Car Championship Twin

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Sega Touring Car Championship is a car racing game with 4 cars and 3 tracks, automatic and manual transmissions, and alternate viewing perspectives.

Cars available are the Alpha Romeo 155 V6T, the AMG Mercedes C-Class, the Opel Calibra V6 and the Toyota Supra. The machine is linkable up to four units, with up to eight players able to race together. In the multi-player mode, only players who finish a course are able to compete in the next race. There are three different tracks which vary in difficulty. The Novice track is a high speed track modeled after a European racing circuit, the Intermediate course takes places on twisting mountain roads, and the Expert course takes place in the downtown area of a bustling European city.

The machine has a User Records feature which makes it possible to view player rankings and overall rankings. The machine also has an impressive speaker set-up, with two Gull box speakers in the head rest and one sub-woofer under the seat.

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