VR Agent Arcade VR Machine

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Sega Amusements International presents VR Agent. A brand new attendant free, coin-operated VR game machine that brings the best of arcade shooting in the highly immersive VR format.

The VR aiming controller is a true innovation, as the VR headset is fused to the gun controller, thus ushering an evolution in VR gaming, and making it viable for arcades or FEC’s. The controller lowers instantly allowing the player to quickly get into the action and is lifted at the end, hence significantly increasing throughput and efficiency.

VR Agent takes the classic arcade shooting experience to the next level. The Player’s mission is to take down enemies using a range of weapons and defeat the enemy mastermind. Players can deploy into four missions, each with increasing difficulty levels and finally unlock the boss level. The gameplay is easy to grasp but hard to master so the game continue feature not only encourages instant repeat-play but also lets players master their marksmanship skills.

The cabinet looks stunning with LED-lit edge lighting and a fully lit header. The large two 50” vertical screens encourages spectators to watch the action while players enjoy the immersive VR experience. The air canon jolts players when they get hit by the enemy adding a tactile element to the experience.

Attendant free, coin operated VR game
VR aiming controller is an evolution in VR gaming
Controller lowers and Lifts automatically
Air canon jolts players for a tactile experience.
Robot Mode - family-friendly option changes enemies to robots.
Linkable up to 2 cabinets for multiplayer action.
5 thrilling mission locations
Full LED illuminated Cabinet
Two 50” vertical screens

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