Shooting Mania Arcade Machine

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Shooting Mania Arcade Machine is a ticket redemption video game that uses a carnival theme, in which one to three players go head-to-head in a shooting gallery.

This entertaining title created by IGS and distributed by LAI is a fun and exciting game suitable for players of all ages, and is fun whether you play solo or against friends!

There are many different types of prizes and toys slowly running across the screen in Shooting Mania, all hanging by colored ribbons. A quick game tutorial starts when the game begins to help players grasp the concept rapidly.

The aim of the game is to shoot the ribbons, using the three shooting buttons for each player, in order to have the prizes which contain varying ticket values fall, but players also need to watch out for the crazy changes in ribbon direction.

Shooting Mania is a large and brightly coloured cabinet, desgined for up to 3 players, which features a 42" HD LCD Flat Screen and a large, colourful lightbox marquee with speakers.


• Ticket Videmption Game From 1 to 3 Players
• Players Shoot Moving Targets For Tickets
• Collect Targets For Chance At Bonus Rounds
• Operator Adjustable Game Settings

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