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Skatter Ball

Skatter Ball
Product Details
Category :Video Games

About Skatter Ball

A pinball-style flipper propells the ball into play on the vertical game board. The metal ball bounces from post to post taking a wild, crazy and unique route to the bottom of the game board everytime. The challenge is to figure out where it's going to exit the game board and catch it using the horseshoe-shaped catchers basket.

Product Details for Skatter Ball

  • Power Requirements: 3.4 amps
  • Coin operated
  • Coin meter
  • Ticket meter
  • Digital sound
  • Ticket dispenser
  • Locking cash box
  • Multiple user options
  • Adjustable coin option
  • Adjustable ticket output
  • Microprocessor electronics
  • Easy serviced electronics
  • Automatic game reset
  • Automatic game shut off
  • Voltage protection components
  • Individually fused electrical protection

Skatter Ball        

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Product Name :Skatter Ball
Category Type :Video Games

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