Snowball Toss Arcade Machine

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Snowball Toss is a winter wonderland themed ball toss game where players aim to take down as many snowmen as possible before the time runs out. Using soft blue "snowballs", players gain points for the amount of snowmen they know down, and thus tickets!

This new "mini" Down the Clown game is perfect for those in the "tween" age group, as the shorter throwing distance is less intimidating and provides a higher chance for younger players to hit more snowmen.

Snowball Toss also featires a new LED package, with LED ceiling lights and multi-coloured LED snowmen to bring a snowy wonderland.

  • Fully Decked out with RGB LEDs to create an attractive cabinet
  • Winter-themed artwork
  • Red numerical LED timer
  • Mega Marquee (for linking 2 games)
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • Coin or card swipe compatible

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