Sonic Air Hockey Table (4 Player)

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The Sonic Air Hockey Table (4 Player) is an air hockey table from Barron Games featuring the iconic Sega Mascot Sonic the Hedgehog.

The machine has under table lighting effects, neon over head lights to display the score, and chasing LED lights. Features a polycarbonate non-scratch play field, aluminum body and side safe guards to make it a very sturdy and durable machine.

It includes a built-in redemption mech that can be switched on or off by the operator, with operator adjustable ticket payout options.

Air hockey features chasing LEDs for when players score and a scratch-free surface. Basketball features varying levels of difficulty and can be linked up with other cabinets for 16-person multiplayer. Look out for more sports arcade attractions in this new series in the future


  • Ticket redemption
  • 2 - 4 player
  • Sonic Allstars branding
  • Dual ticket dispensers
  • Scratch resistant play field
  • Centre and side safety guards
  • Chasing LED around play field and puck release
  • UV overhead lighting gantry

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