Sonic Spinner Arcade Machine

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The Sonic Spinner arcade machine is a one player ticket redemption game from SEGA. The game play is simple, with the player simply pressing a button to stop the spinner with the aim of landing on a high ticket payout.

There are three settings that affect the games payout percentage; the Coins-per-Credit setting, Prize Dial setting, and the Skill Level setting.

The Coins-per-Credit setting determines the number of coins that have to be inserted before a single play is initiated. Sonic Spinner can be set from one to nine coins per single play, with the default setting one coin per play.

Sonic Spinner ships with three unique prize dials so operators are able to get close to their desired ticket payout. Operators can then tune the payout amount by adjusting the skill level. The skill level has nine increments, with the skill settings having a significant effect on the average ticket payout.

Sonic Spinner comes in two cabinet variations. One will be for any location, with the other specially made for Chuck E. Cheese outlets.

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