Soul Calibur 2

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In this sequel many characters return including Mitsurugi, Nightmare, Ivy and Kilik. They fight against both new and old fighters.

New fighters entering the fray including Hong Yun Seong, Raphael, Talim & more. This new version brings improved graphics and mode games modes including mission mode. Where the player must complete set tasks in order to continue his/her quest. The Arcade version also has a unique mode called "Conquest Mode". Conquest Mode allows the player to pick an army, fight enemies and gain experience points.

Also with a new chapter in the saga comes a new story. Four years before, a spirit sword named Soul Calibur appeared from the East, as if to answer the call of the raging Soul Edge. No one witnessed the final battle to the death where Soul Edge was shattered. No one knew that the spirit sword was left behind in the vortex of evil to stop the demon swords powers. Most people were oblivious to the fact that the peace that followed was the result of this battle, and the spirit swords existence remained a mystery.

Unfortunately, the peace was merely a facade; the evil blade began spreading its influence, quietly yet surely, throughout the world once again. People unwittingly transported the sword to every corner of the world in the form of metal shards. These pieces of Soul Edge still embodied evil powers. With Soul Calibur lost in the void, it was only a matter of time before the evil swords dark powers infected the entire world.

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