Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition

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Soul Calibur 3: Arcade Edition is a fighting game produced by Namco.

Soul Calibur 3 is the fourth game in the successful weapon based fighting game franchise. It features 27 playable characters in total, including seven new characters (three of which are coin-op exclusives). The strengths and weaknesses of every character, as well as the overall game play, have been superbly balanced to meet player demand. The coin-op adaptation offers players twice the amount of character costumes compared to the console version.

Players select from four different modes:

  • VS Mode: Players compete against another player
  • Standard Mode: Single player battle against the CPU
  • Training Mode: Designed for practice allowing players to become familiar with each characters unique fighting style and weapons.
  • Legend Mode: Exclusive to the coin-op market. This unique mode allows the player to strengthen their character to the point of becoming the Boss of the game. Customized Legend Mode Boss characters are saved to the PCB and appear as guest characters in the Legend Mode and Standard Mode making every game on location unique

  • 27 characters
  • 3 different modes: Training Mode, Standard Mode and Legend Mode

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