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Sound Voltex Booth

Sound Voltex Booth
Product Details
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Released :2012
Category :Music Machines

About Sound Voltex Booth

Sound Voltex Booth is the latest video music game in Konami's BEMANI series, features with 6 gameplay buttons and two Beatmania IIDX style effector knobs, Sound Voltex Booth features easier game play based music by striking the buttons to the note patterns appearing on the vertical LCD screen.

The player is required to use various buttons to hit the notes appearing on the screen. There are six vertical columns on the screen with notes coming towards the Critical Line at the bottom, and the aim is to hit the notes when they are on the Critical Line. There are six buttons and two knobs to the left and right of the buttons. The two Long Buttons are used to hit long notes, while the four Short Buttons are used to hit individual notes. The leftmost and rightmost column are used for Analog Device. The player needs to turn the knobs clockwise or counter-clockwise according to the path shown on the screen. After a note is hit, a judgement is then received, from the highest to the lowest: CRITICAL, NEAR, and ERROR. While CRITICAL increases the gauge, ERROR depletes it. The player passes the stage when the gauge reaches the Clear Zone. The grade is then shown, determined from the player's performance.

The game includes lots of hottest music songs, and appears to remix of popular BEMANI tracks.

Product Details for Sound Voltex Booth


Like all of the BEMANI games, SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH also have their own unlocks. SOUND VOLTEX STATION is the main unlocking system in the game. Each time players play SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH, they will receive a certain amount of Blocks and Packets. Blocks are required to unlock music and Packets are used to unlock Appeal Cards, which is basically an Avatar. One of the unlocking methods is the APPEND TRAVEL event, where players clear songs from jubeat, save the results and gameplays in an e-Amusement card and play other BEMANI games with the card inserted. APPEND TRAVEL has the song candii unlocked, as well as Appeal Cards.

How to play:
  • The screen displays four lanes to pop up note patterns.
  • When a white object appears in one of the lanes, players hit the white respective button in time with the music.
  • When a light green object appears across two of the lines, players must press and hold the dark respective lower smaller button.
  • When a blue or red line appears across the lanes, players turn the effector knob in the direction of the blue (for the left effector) or red (for the right effector) line.
  • The gameplay shot in the gallery shows a light green note on the right and the effector line note on the left.
  • The life bar, called "effector rate", must be at 70% or above at the end of the song for the player to clear the stage.

Product Database
Product Name :Sound Voltex Booth
Category Type :Music Machines
Style :Music Games
Manufacturer :Konami
Year Of Release :2012
Controller Type :Buttons
Screen Orientation :Vertical
Screen Resolution :1080p (1920x1080)
No. Of Players :2

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