Space Invaders Pinball Jam Arcade Machine

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In 2018, Taito's "Space Invaders" celebrated it's 40th anniversary, and announced a new competitive "Space Invaders" experience, a pinball named Space Invaders Pinball Jam.

Space Invaders Pinball Jam is played like a regular pinball, with two button on either side of the cabinet to operate the flippers. However unlike normal pinball, two players face off against each other to win points by draining the pinball on the others side. Due to the simple gameplay, it is a good choice for familie who are not familiar with the core game, and due to the quick gameplay it is also very compatible with prize machines.

Space Invaders Pinball Jam also features a multiball mode, with multiball balls being released during each "round". The game contains 3 rounds for players to enjoy, with the balls being released as follows:

  • Round 1: 90 seconds and two balls
  • Round 2: 60 seconds and three balls
  • Round 3: 30 seconds and six balls

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