Speedy Feet Arcade Machine

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Speedy Feet Arcade Machine is a video redemption arcade game with a dinosaur theme and features three levels of chaotic, feet stomping fun for players to enjoy.

Speedy Feet is a stomping game of a new generation whihc will test players hand-eye coordination. There are six control buttons in total, which will be represented on the screen, for example in one of the stages they are represented by little volcanos that erupt to signal when you should step on the corresponding pressure panel.

The player’s objective is to step on the control buttons as quickly as possible as indicated by the representations on the screen. This is a fun and exciting game for players of all ages!

The three levels include lava, ice and rock, and the machine features a 42" HD LCD monitor, a bonus point counter, dinosaur themed cabinet and artwork, and padded safety rails for players to hold on to.

Speedy Feet is a thrilling new video redemption game from UNIS, which has a small foot print that allows it to fit into a wide variety of location, while it's vibrant game play will draw in players from all across the floor.

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