SpinDrome Arcade Machine

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SpinDrome Arcade Machine is a ticket redemption game was developed by Benchmark Games and is a cool intergalactic themed spinner game housed inside a brightly lit, mind-blowing big dome!

These straight forward and easy to play game, allows players of all ages to enjoy the fun and esxcitement of SpinDrome. Players simply insert credit and there are 1 to 3 target arrows for players to choose from. Players then simply grab the play handle and give the big wheel a spin to skillfully aim for big ticket values! Whatever the chosen arrow is pointing to when the wheel stops is what the player earns.

The cabinet features a large colourful spinning wheel housed inside a large, transparent dome, LED lighting, 3 large bright target arrows, and the cabinet can house up to 54,000 tickets!

This fun and exciting game was the Bronze BOSA 2015 Award winner in the category of redemption and is great for a variety of locations, such as street locations or family entertainment centres.


▪ Fun Game Play and Sound - Suitable For All Ages
▪ Bright, Dependable, Long Lasting LED Lighting
▪ Operator Programmable Game Settings
▪ Convenient + Large Pullout Ticket Drawers
Hold Up To 54,000 Tickets (18,000 per player)
▪ Easy Service Access Via Large Swing-Out Door

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