Spongebob: Soccer Stars

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In the single-player game, users take on the role of SpongeBob. Gameplay is simple, intuitive and appealing to all ages. Players pull the lever back and time its release when the ball rolls down the delivery track. With SpongeBob as the offensive kicker, or attacking player, it made sense for Andamiro's designers to put Squidward in the goal, and the ill-tempered Bikini Bottom inhabitant's six arms make for a great goalie. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible in a given time (30 seconds is the default). Score seven goals, and the gameplay enters a 15-second bonus round; if a player gets 15 goals, they win the big bonus. A scoreboard displays goals, time and tickets won, while a second display on the playfield keeps track of bonus data.

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