EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Championship Edition

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EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Championship Edition delivers twelve challenging PGA Tour and fantasy courses and improved gameplay with every club and shot type fine tuned in this edition of the golfing game. In this game, weather effects like rain and fog actually affect ball flight and roll physics. Stunning waterfalls, rippling water and animated trees are rendered in incredible detail so players can actually see the dimples in the golf ball. The time of day function allows players to tee off at dawn or enjoy a beautiful sunset at Sahalee Country Club. Tournament connected cabinets running Championship Edition can download the updates for free. The Championship Edition II download boasts local operator tournaments and five new courses - making the course total reach 15. Also available for download is the Championship Edition III with four new courses, bringing the total number of courses to choose from up to 19. Players of this version are able to compete in the Global VR World Tour Challenge.

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