Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen Arcade Machine

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Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen Arcade Machine from Bandai Namco is a two player cooperative version of the game that originally came out as a 180 degree dome screen, single player cockpit cabinet!

The flat screens is standard style machine, with two 42" LCD high definition monitors and multiplayer action! By connecting 2 machines, the multi player mode becomes available, allowing players to work together (while competing with their teammate) to clear each mission stage and reach the targets. Players chase the same opponents, work together to defeat the enemy while competing for the highest points to decide who is the real ace pilot!

The game includes a total of 5 stages, which can be played on single player mode and multiplayer mode. The cabinet is also designed as a cockpit style machine, with a 20 degree tilted seat and screen.

This is an offline game, and the average game time for players is around 4 minutes.

This game is yet to be released, so more details yet to come.

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