Sting King Rich

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Sting King Rich is the AWP for the UK where players must complete the seven stage trail or gain a win to advance onto the nudge column or award circle. The player can collect this or gamble hi/lo to gain more. Bonuses are offered by completing the suit matrix either horizontally or vertically. These can be gambled to gain extra bonuses to help the player increase their wins. Money banked in the safe is awarded when the player loses, allowing them to play on while still being guaranteed a win. Reaching a lit spin point spins the feature wheel, awarding a feature. This can be collected, or the wheel can be spun again to try and get a better one. Each feature can be red or green, but red is always best. Lighting three Lucky 7's, extra lives or king symbols award the big money end feature, which can also be reached by gambling up the awards. In this feature, the successful hi/lo gamble pays out the win corresponding to the card.

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