Storm Racer G Arcade Driving Machine

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Storm Racer G is an arcade driving machine that takes arcade racing to a new level of fun and excitement with a super fast driving experience.

Players can race in up to 14 different cars with automatic and manual (better for drifting) options, across 12 different tracks! Each car is unique with it's own qualities and faults, so there is a car that fits all styles of racing!

The cabinet features a streamlined seat in the style of a racing car seat, attractive blue and black cabinet art, LED lighting, 42' LCD with HD graphics, and a unique throttle for quick speed boosting in-game! The cabinet is also linkable up to 8 players/units for a more competitive arcade racing experience!


  • Linkable up to 8 players!
  • 42" LCD screen!
  • Unique throttle for boost!
  • Auto / Manual drift mode for Beginners / Experts!
  • 12 tracks, 6 of which have to be unlocked!
  • 14 cars, 7 of which have to be unlocked!

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