Strike Pro Fishing Arcade Machine

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Strike Pro Fishing Arcade Machine is a two player fishing video redemption game from Universal Space Amusements in which players must try to catch different kinds of fish!

The game is set with player side by side, and is split into two stages - casting and reeling. Players must use their skills to cast with precision and speed to reel in the fish before they escape.

Strike Pro Fishing features a large LCD monitor with detailed and realistic graphics throughout the game and carefully modelled fishing controllers!

This game is incredibly fast-paced and demanding on players, who have a variety of realistic fish to catch, and who must attempt to catch the MEGA FISH to win the Bonus!

This video redemption game is perfect for players of all ages and will stand out in any location.


  • Realistic fishing with carefully modelled controllers
  • Fast-paced gameplay based on skill and precision
  • A variety of real fish types to catch
  • Catch the MEGA FISH to win the Bonus
  • Realistic graphics

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