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Sega Super GT is a racing game that features real cars from an actual racing make called the BPR Organization. Here are the cars in detail: Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari F40, Dodge Viper GTS-R, and the McLaren F1. The Porsche 911 Turbo is told to be an "Easy Driving" car and is one of the slowest. The Ferrari F40 is a "Normal Driving" car with great speed. The Dodge Viper GTS-R has "High Torque," that high torque means better grip on the road and let's not forget the 400+ horsepower V-10! The McLaren F1 is a "High Speed" car. It has the most horsepower, most torque, and highest top speed in the game.

There are four courses: Dolphin Tunnel is a Beginner track that has you going through a lovely aquarium passing by a marina. Twilight Airport is a nighttime race track through an airport terminal that emphasizes top speed. Magic Ruins is a technical figure-8 road course with tricky corners in lovely ancient setting with waterfalls and caves and torches to boot. Classic Castle is suicide for the inexperienced as this lovely European setting presents a lovely castle and all sorts of classical architecture.

  • Known as Scud Race in Japan
  • DX Version shown

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