Super Alpine Racer Twin Arcade Machine

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Super Alpine Racer is a ski simulation twin arcade machine game which is a remake of the super popular Alpine Racer.

This remake of the arcade classic comes with brand new characters and completely redesigned courses. In collaboration with Raw Thrills, Super Alpine Racer has a vertically mounted 55" HD monitor.

There are multi-coloured LEDs infused into t-moldings of the cabinet. The multi-pivot platform simulates the movements of a downhill skier. Feel the wind through your hair from the built-in air blowers and shoot through the gates to gain an additional boost to speed past your opponents while performing insane tricks in the air.

This incredibly fun and realistic simulator machine will draw in players from all across the floor with it's bright LED lighted cabinet, HD graphics, 4D features (such as wind simulation) and realistic control motions!


  • One-of-a-kind cabinet with a 55 inch vertical screen and decorative LED lighting!
  • Multi-Pivot platform controls just like real skiiing!
  • Air effects give players a real sense of speed!
  • Link up to 4 twin units for serious competitive racing!

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