Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz Arcade Machine

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Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz is the 13th title in the Super Monkey Ball arcade machine franchise continues the adventures of AIAI – the adorable Monkey-in-a-Ball that started the Monkey Ball franchise.

Players roll AIAI along a path toward the End Goal, collecting as many bananas as possible along the way to increase their points and win tickets. Players must be careful not to roll AIAI off the path or he will drop into thin air!

Players are given one of 12 randomly selected stages to compete on. Each stage consists of 3 levels starting easy with a floor that does not move and ending at the hard level with trap doors that require deft trackball skills to maneuver.

If a player navigates safely to the End Goal, they get to take on the Jackpot Bonus Round. Players get one chance to send AIAI down a ramp at just the right speed so he'll fly off and land in the Jackpot Bonus Target.


  • 32" HD LCD Monitor
  • Giant 7" Trackball Controller
  • Multi-colored LED Cabinet Lighting
  • Operator adjustments including: Ticket dispense on or off, Fixed ticket payout setting, Mercy Ticket option
  • Maximum Jackpot ticket payout sets the max tickets to be vended from the machine

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