Sushi Party Arcade Medal Machine

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Sushi Party is a medal, ticket redemption arcade machine which improves upon it's predecessor, Fruit Party. The game has straight-forward and easy to understand rules and each turn is quick, encouraging players of all ages to play again and again!

The aim of the game is to time the drop of your medal (token or coin) in order to hit targets on the outside edge of the turn table and win points to earn tickets! This simple concept can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, and encourages players to refine their timing skills.

The game includes some fun features as well, such as "Party Time" and "Lucky Chance". When players hit silver plate and gold plate targets they activate the Party Time feature. All the lamps light up and the number of points you earn from your target will be multiplied for extra points!

Players activate the Lucky Chance feature when they hit a Lucky target. Players receive a huge bonus and all the party lamps light up to celebrate the win!

This fun and simple game, combined with the bright and attractive cabinet featuring adorable Sushi themed characters, will draw in players from all across the floor!

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