Taiko no Tatsujin 10 Arcade Machine

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Taiko no Tatsujin 10 Arcade Machine is the tenth entry of the music and rhythm game series, released in 2007, and introduces secret unlockable songs to the Taiko series.

The game is for 1-2 players and consists of two big taiko drums and a large screen. Each player has its own drum and two drum sticks, however the game can also be played as a one player game where you use one or both of the drums.

The game is a 1 on 1, versus style music game, and each game consists of three rounds or songs. Each song has it's own difficulty, and both players can choose their own difficulty level when in versus mode.

How to Play: Players must use their drumsticks to hit the drum as indicated on screen; the drum has two parts, the main section of the drum and the outer rim of the drum. On the screen you will see symbols moving across the screen and when they go past the left handside of the screen you hit the drum in the way that corresponds to the symbol. Small red faces means hit the centre of the drum once; the small blue face means hit the outer rim of the drum once; and a large red or blue face means to hit the appropriate section with both sticks. The drum strikes will go in rhymthm to the song you’ve chosen.

This version was the first one to have secret unlockable songs, which are unlocked by hitting the rims of the drum in a certain order after players have inserted their coins.

The 'Game Over' in this edition was replaced with the message in full Japanese (it says 'おしまい まだあそんだね!-oshimai, mada asonda ne!', which means 'The game has ended, come play again soon!') and an option is presented to people who still prefer to see the songs arranged by difficulty. Players simply hit the left and right rims quickly one after the other at the song selection screen to switch orders.

Plus, the tutorial is no longer forced onto players selecting Kantan, instead placing an option to open the tutorial right next to Kantan. You can skip it with 5 taps on the rim, and it disappears altogether if you open the Oni difficulty.

Taiko no Tatsujin 10 has 102 songs playable songs and 3 unlockable songs, a total of 105 songs. The main genres in this edition is J-Pop, although the game still features some anime, children's songs, Game Music and original track songs.

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