Taiko no Tatsujin 11 Asian Version Arcade Machine

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Taiko no Tatsujin 11 Asian Version Arcade Machine is the Chinese language version of the eleventh entry into the music and rhthym series.

Released just one month after Taiko 11, this was Namco's effort to branch out to the Chinese market for Taiko no Tatsujin following an attempt in the US. Features, options and gameplay modes in both 11 Japan and 11 Asia are identical, the only changes include Chinese language, C-Pop songs in list, and Don-chan has a Chinese voice.

The player uses a simulated taiko drum controller to play the notes of a chosen song's drum part as they are displayed on the screen. This version features over 100 songs from a range of genres, including 25 new C-POP songs plus J-Pop, Anime, Kids songs, Namco Originals, Classical, and Video Game themes. There are also a total of six secret songs and three Ura (1 pl) songs.

In the game Revival Drumroll (replacing Revival Roulette in 11 Japan), Don-chan will be placed in front of many plates of food, and your job is to make him finish all the food by hitting the drum face as many times as you can in the time limit. If Don-chan finishes, you get a second chance. Of course things are a lot harder the higher your difficulty level is.

Different Taiko sounds, like tambourine sounds, giant Taiko sounds, and farting sounds, can be accessed by hitting the left rim on Kantan in the difficulty select screen.

Kantan includes encouraging messages to players after clearing a song (since Kantan is usually played by very young children)and a few select songs in Kantan (the easiest anime songs and children songs) are also compatible with the Papa Mama Support mode, which allows parents to assist their child in playing on the second drum even though only one player's worth of coins is inserted. Two drum inputs into a single player then.

And for the expert players, there is Ura Oni mode which is accessed by entering a secret command for Ura Oni, making a few existing songs upgrade to even higher difficulty, and some replaced with full versions lasting 4 to 5 minutes long! Ura Oni has been a great source of Taiko challenge beginning in 11 Japan arcade version.

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