Taiko No Tatsujin 2 Arcade Machine

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Taiko no Tatsujin 2 Arcade Machine is the second entry of the music and rhythm series, released in 2001, and this edition of the game saw the introduction of varying difficulty levels, with multiple difficulties for each song in Taiko 2 (although not complete yet).

The game is for 1-2 players and consists of two big taiko drums and a large screen. Each player has its own drum and two drum sticks, however the game can also be played as a one player game where you use one or both of the drums.

The game is a 1 on 1, versus style music game, and each game consists of three rounds or songs. Each song has it's own difficulty, and both players can choose their own difficulty level when in versus mode.

How to Play: Players must use their drumsticks to hit the drum as indicated on screen; the drum has two parts, the main section of the drum and the outer rim of the drum. On the screen you will see symbols moving across the screen and when they go past the left handside of the screen you hit the drum in the way that corresponds to the symbol. Small red faces means hit the centre of the drum once; the small blue face means hit the outer rim of the drum once; and a large red or blue face means to hit the appropriate section with both sticks. The drum strikes will go in rhymthm to the song you’ve chosen.

In Taiko no Tatsujin 2, the Donderful difficulty level was also introduced (this would later be known as Oni). Accessing it is the same as accessing Oni now- hit the right rim of the drum 10 times when on Muzukashii. For Taiko 2, Kantan has difficulty stars 1 to 3, Futsuu is 1 to 5, Muzukashii is 1 to 7, and Donderful (Oni) is 1 to 10.

Taiko no Tatsujin has a total of 36 songs, 16 of which are new to the series. Genres range from Children's songs, Rock and Pop original tracks from Namco, Anime tracks, and J-Pop.

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