Grand Champion

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Based on the championship line of shuffleboards comes the The Grand Champion. This innovative table now includes actual voice sounds. The playfield is made from solid Canadian maple with a Polymer finish.

The Polymer finish never needs resurfacing and is the same finish that is used on tables for professional tournaments. The table also has an electronic scoreboard.

If the board is to be used for commercial use, the playfield can also be equipped with a pingate, which is a set a metal pins that when activated stand up in the middle of the playfield to prevent freeplay.

  • Available in any stain
  • Maple inlays on sidewalls & legs
  • Polymer finish
  • Brass or silver hardware
  • Solid maple cradles
  • Custom woods available
  • State-of-the-art electronics
  • Pingate
  • Lights
  • Patented handicap scoring

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