The Idol Master

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In Namco's Idol Master, players assume the role of producer, and are able to choose one girl from nine unique, unknown girls, who they will then manage in the effort to make them a pop star so they can win the title of idol. The producer must develop their characters vocal ability, dance moves and image to make them unique from other contestants during the contest, and increase their chances of becoming the idol.

When the producer feels the idol contestant is ready, they can send the contestant to an audition. During the audition, six players can network to have idols compete simultaneously. Contestants can maintain a memory of each idol performance, so they can further grow and develop as a performer. If a contestant passes the audition, they progress to perform on TV, and can then build a fan base.

An idols ranking rises as the fan base increases. The producer graduates when their contestant is voted most popular and takes the title of idol. Graduate producers may then produce another idol contestant. If a producer is able to develop all nine different characters to the point that they each become the idol, the producer becomes the Idol Master.

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