The Munsters Pinball Machine - Pro Model

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Stern's The Munsters Pinball machine celebrates the iconic American TV sitcom, The Munsters. Featuring popular characters like Herman, Lily, Raven, Grandpa, Eddie, Marilyn, Kitty, Igor and Spot, players are sure to enjoy their visit to the Munsters family.

With multiball action, custom sculpted bash toys and a magnetized ball catch, players will be drawn in and wanting more. The pinball machine displays beautiful and distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Christopher Franchi, and the metal turn-around, flip-up ramp is sure to keep players on their toes.

  • Pro Models Feature an Exclusive Full Colour High Definition Translite Backglass and Decal Cabinet Art
  • Stunning and Distinctive Hand-drawn Artwork by Christopher Franchi
  • Custom Sculpted Herman Bash Toy with magnetized ball catch
  • Hidden Custom Sculpted Pop-up Spot Bash Toy
  • Custom Sculpted Drag-U-La Toy Car with Drag Race Ball Shooter Assembly
  • Metal Turn-around, Flip-up Ramp
  • Digital Number Display
  • Multiball Feature
  • Music Laugh Track and Speech from the Classic The Munsters Episodes Augmented with Original Custom Speech and Music
  • Video Scenes from the Original Series Associated with Gameplay Modes
  • Multitude of Hilarious Match Scenes
  • 2 Full Sized Flipper and 2 Flipper Buttons on Cabinet
  • Up-post Divert Mechanism at Top Lane
  • Kitty Playfield Multiplier Spot Target
  • Spinning Igor Target
  • Multifunction RGB LED lighting and White LED lighting
  • General Illumination Green and White LED lighting

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